Ghost - Just a blogging platform

In this post I will show you how to deploy your own ghost blog on openshift.

The Ghost Logo

Ghost is an open source publishing platform which is beautifully designed, easy to use, and free for everyone.

Ghost is coded in Node.js, a server-side JavaScript execution engine, based on Google's V8. Editing is facilitated using a split screen display. The installer was developed using Bitnami's open source packet management system.

Creating blog application on openshift

I suppose that you are familiar with creating and manipulating apps on openshift.

Choose your own workspace folder.

  • mkdir openshift
  • git clone
  • cd openshift-ghost-quickstart
  • rm -fr .git
  • cd ..
  • rhc app create blog nodejs-0.10 mysql-5.5
  • cd blog
  • rm -f deplist.txt index.html package.json server.js
  • cp -R -f ../openshift-ghost-quickstart/* ./
  • cp -u ../openshift-ghost-quickstart/.openshift/action_hooks/* ./.openshift/action_hooks/
  • git add --all
  • git commit -m "my first blog"
  • git push
  • after the deployment complete you can access to your app URL, in my case it is :

You can now configure your blog here :

To learn more about manipulating ghost, I recommend you this link :


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