Monitor Ghost with NewRelic

newrelic NewRelic now supports NodeJS apps. lets monitor our ghost blog using NewRelic :

  • Navigate to your Ghost directory and type npm install newrelic.
  • Navigate to node_modules/newrelic/, copy newrelic.js and paste it in the root directory, where index.js exist.
  • Open this file and give app_name a value. I called it 'My Blog', this is just the name of your app that appears in the NewRelic dashboard, you can name it whatever you want.
  • Add your license key to license_key (you can copy it from the NewRelic dashboard when setting up app monitoring).
  • Open index.js and add require('newrelic') before the keyword var. Start Ghost (or restart if you're already running) and, within a few minutes, data should start hitting NewRelic's dashboard.

That's it!

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